Dune Buggy Rental Abu Dhabi

AED 499


Gear up and get ready to explore the treasure of the Arabian land with our dune buggy rental Abu Dhabi tour deal! These desert landscapes of Abu Dhabi are more than just scenic vistas. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the heart of the desert is by getting on board with the best buggy tour Abu Dhabi has to offer!

Whether you are seeking a thrill in the sea of sands or you want to explore the beauty of the desert in a new fashion- the Buggy rental Abu Dhabi tours are ideal! Perhaps the vast and endless landscape becomes an exciting playground for those who dare to challenge their sporty spirit.


Here is what you can expect on our luxury dune buggy rental Abu Dhabi deal

Direct boarding for a hassle-free adventure

Our Buggy Tour Abu Dhabi adventure is one of a kind! One of the features of this tour is that you can choose direct boarding. That means you won't have to worry about transportation navigating the new roads in an unfamiliar country. Whether you are staying in a hotel or lodging in any other location in Abu Dhabi, we can arrange transportation upon your request. Our driver will provide hassle-free and convenient pick-and-drop services so you can completely focus on the adventure that awaits.

Safety gear and riding instructions

Your safety is our top priority. So before you embark on the adventure of a self-drive dune buggy Abu Dhabi deal, our expert tour guides will provide a short briefing on the safety measures. It is followed by explaining how to operate the dune buggy for an enthralling adventure.

After the comprehensive guidance, you will be given the essential safety kit, which includes a helmet, gloves and shielding clothing. Don your gear and be pumped up to experience a lifetime adventure!

Choose your dune buggy travelling partner

Our luxurious yet affordable cheap dune buggy tour Abu Dhabi package allows you to choose your dune buggy vehicle. If you are venturing into this adventure with your beloved, you can opt for the two-seater dune buggy for an intimate and exciting ride! Or, if you are travelling with a group of people, family or friends, you can choose the four-seater dune buggy vehicle. Thus ensuring all of you feel the fun and thrill of this ride together.


The dune buggy Abu Dhabi tour promises an unmatchable time in the desert. These vehicles are specifically designed to tackle the rough and tough surfaces of the desert. So, strap yourself tight to the seats and set off for an off-road adventure in the vastness of endless dunes. At your own pace and freedom, discover the unfolding treasures in the heart of the desert. Perhaps this ride is to leave your heart pounding as you roll down the towering dunes.

A delectable hot BBQ dinner

After a tiring yet exhilarating ride in the desert, treat yourself by indulging in the authentic flavours of this land. We can arrange a BBQ dinner for you upon your request. Do not miss this opportunity to unwind and relax as you indulge in the finest dining setting by the bonfire under the starry nights.

Furthermore, upon your request, we can also arrange a few other activities to enhance your experience in the desert. These activities are an ancient experience of camel ride, the adrenaline-pumping thrill of gliding down the dunes with sandboarding and sand skiing, the magical experience of stargazing activity, an escapade from reality with overnight camping and much more! These activities are the perfect way to experience the desert from all angles.

Customization options available

An advantage of booking your dune buggy adventure tour with us is that we are flexible. We strive to achieve your best satisfaction. Hence, we allow customizations from the vehicles, the activities and even the timings. Yes, you read that right! You can customize your tour package timings to the morning hours or the evening hours, according to your preference.

Are you wondering what is distinctively so special about the tour timings? The morning buggy tour promises a beautiful sunrise, while the evening buggy tour captivates you with its sunset. Regardless of which tour timings you choose, the desert of Abu Dhabi guarantees a once-in-lifetime experience!

Providing drinks and water

The adventures in the desert are physically demanding. Besides, the climate is not favourable, as the dry and harsh desert weather can increase the risk of dehydration. Hence, we provide unlimited access to water and other energy drinks so you can stay hydrated and refreshed throughout your journey.

Indeed, this dune Buggy Rental Abu Dhabi tour offers the perfect blend of nature and thrill. So why wait any longer? Book your dune buggy package with us today, and get ready to create lifetime memories! From captivating vistas to heart-pounding activities, our tour promises a fantastic time away from the urban city lights.

Tour Timing

  • Depends on your requested time


  • Riding instructions
  • Safety gear
  • Drive in a 2 seater or 4 seater dune buggy
  • Water and soft drinks


  • BBQ dinner and other camp activities (available in extra cost)

Additional Informations

  • Comfortable Clothing is Advised, Including Closed Shoes and Trousers for Quad Biking. Warm Clothing is Recommended During the Winter Season (September to March).